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About Upcoming Webb Gallery Exhibit

In Answer to Your Questions About Our Art Exhibition at Webb Gallery:


Remember:  You MUST let Lynda know how many pieces you will be bringing before May 10, so she can have the right number of hooks available! (Her email address is given above)

Don’t forget your brief bio (with picture).

Tuesday Reminder

Here are more detailed instructions for bringing in your art today:

Today at 2:00 p.m. is our appointment time to bring in our art to the rehab unit at Kingwood Medical Center.

When coming into the hospital, the unit is Building A, which is the northernmost end of the hospital.  If coming from 59 going north, take the Kingwood exit and turn left and go under the overpass.  Go to the first stop sign, turn left and do a “U” turn and you will see the emergency room entrance.  Take that entrance and wiggle around until you see the end of building A, which is the end building.  You will see a wooden type fencing next to the building.  The door to the left of the fencing is the door that will be left open for us to enter and take in our paintings.  When you enter, you will see a room to your right with windows and that will be the room where we will lay or place our paintings.  It’s a meeting room of sorts with tables and chairs.  Easy to see and find.  The hospital personnel will hang our paintings for us.

We may park temporarily in the “illegal” parking area, which is in front of the door that will be open, long enough to drop off our art.

On the front of your paintings we will have tags to place, as well as inventory sheets, so bring a pen to write with and scissors with which to cut the tags.  If you choose to price your art, the price must be placed on the back of your art along with your name or business card.  The hospital would like for us to have the name of the painting, your name and phone number on the front of the painting if you choose to, or on the back if you prefer.  In the event that a painting is sold, the buyer will call you personally, then Ruth Dewey will call Eric to set up a time to come and make the purchase and get the art, and hopefully replace it with another piece.

Bring in as much art as you want.  You can bring more later by getting in touch with Ruth Dewey.  Please remember to contact us (LHAA Board, by email) if you want to pick up your art to take it or replace it with another painting later.  Ruth will set up an appointment for you.

We have Devon Alexander and Eric Anderson to give many thanks to for this opportunity to display our art and just get the word out that we are back in action and ready to go.  Make Art Great Again!

Community Art Change-Out

The artwork change-out at the Kingwood Library is set for March 31, at 10:30 am.

Volunteers are needed to help with arranging and hanging the artwork.

Please contact Carita Curfman for more information.

January News

 The Prez Sez…

Happy New Year!!! New years always feel like new beginnings and can be very motivating. Hopefully you all made a New Year’s Resolution to paint more!! It is good for us to set goals because we give ourselves a target to reach for. For painting, keep it simple!! Choose some aspect of art or technique that is maybe giving you trouble or that you’d like to know more about and work to master it. Our Spring Show is in April, so now is the time to plan ahead with an April target for completion. You can’t use up Creativity. The more you use, the more you have!! Since we didn’t have a regular meeting last month, don’t forget that the Creative Challenge for this month is Reflections. I look forward to seeing how you interpret that theme. I will see you all at the meeting on January 20th.

Demo for January General Meeting

GOLDA RADER CDA/CZT – “Collage/Zentangles”
Golda is a Certified Decorative Artist and a Certified Zentangle teacher.  She has taught design and published for over 20 years.  She is a member of DPPT in Humble, TX and a teacher at the Conroe Art League. Golda currently has a new book with Laurie Speltz called “Tangled Together’. For more information on Zentangle classes and video classed, please see the Raderizms on Facebook, Pinterest and Blogspot.

Creative Challenge – January

Our next Creative Challenge will take place in January (no CC for December). The topic is “Reflections”.

Community Art Displays

The dates for the artwork change-out at the Library and Cafe Du Bois have been set:

• Wednesday, January 284th at 10:30am at the Kingwood Library
• Thursday, January 29th at 2:45pm at Cafe du Bois

Please contact Carita Curfman for more information.

LHAA members who volunteer their time will have the opportunity to have their artwork selected to hang in our scheduled hangings at the Kingwood Library and/or Café du Bois at the discretion of our Community Art Display Chairs.

LHAA Presents Scholarship

On December 9th The Lake Houston Area Artists and guests gathered for a holiday celebration and delicious dinner at the Café du Bois Restaurant. The occasion was the presentation of the 2014 LHAA scholarship award to Luis Aleman, an art student studying at Lone Star College-Kingwood.

Luis is focusing on the Graphic Design Field. The LHAA Scholarship judges (Sheila Bridges, Linda Hamilton and Kristin Dumas) were impressed with Luis’s ability to handle a variety of subject matter and express themes in a creative way. Skillful handling of the challenging mediums of graphite and charcoal in his work create a large range of values from light to dark.

Luis is a young man with his eye on the future. In his spare time he has been self- studying the Japanese language. His goal is to become a comic book author, and be the illustrator for his own stories.

Luis Aleman

Community Art Swap

Thank you to everyone who helped out with hanging Artwork at the Library and Cafe du Bois! Your help is appreciated!

Now people visiting get to enjoy wonderful art while visiting both places!