Shows and Competitions

2022 Fall Show & Competition

          The tentative date for the Fall 2022 Art Show and Competition is Saturday, October 29, 2022.
          Further details will be posted when they are available.



Entry Fees:

LHAA members: $8
LSAG members: $10
School Students: $2
No refunds for entries entered but not received

Contacts: Amy Conroy, Peggy Steup

Welcome our Judge,  TBD

Please read the following information if you would like to compete!


If you would like to compete, here are the instructions for the Registration. NOTE: You MUST register to compete.

Show Rules

Show Rules – Read this to acquaint yourself with the rules.

Picking a Division & Category

Divisions & Categories – Read this to determine your Division and Categories.


If you would like to print out a high resolution poster for the show, you can download a copy here!