Shows and Competitions

2021 Fall Show & Competition

Our third virtual art show and competition is in the works 

Winners to be viewable on our website:
After the Zoom Walkthrough on Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Deadline for Show Entries: midnight Wednesday, November 3, 2021
All Artists MUST pre-register through the LSAG database, no late entries accepted.

Entry Fees:

LHAA members: $8
LSAG members: $10
School Students: $2
No refunds for entries entered but not received

Contacts: Amy Conroy, Peggy Steup

Welcome our Judge, Shirley Leago!

Please read the following information if you would like to compete!


If you would like to compete, here are the instructions for the Registration. NOTE: You MUST register to compete.

After registering on the LSAG website (see above) there are two more steps you must complete:

Step 2. Pay entry fees with PayPal (must have a personal PayPal account)
a. Go to your own personal PayPal account
b. Indicate the amount of money to be paid (one total amount can cover several entries)
c. Send payment to:
d.  In the Comments section, indicate what the money is for.

Step 3. Send a good quality photo of each entry to:
a. Submit each photo in a separate email.
b. We strongly suggest using a JPEG format.
c. Include in your email:
Your name, title of piece, division and category.
d. For suggestions on photographing your art, go to this page.

Show Rules

Show Rules – Read this to acquaint yourself with the rules.

Picking a Division & Category

Divisions & Categories – Read this to determine your Division and Categories.


If you would like to print out a high resolution poster for the show, you can download a copy here!


LHAA Fall 2021 Judged VIRTUAL Show and Competition


  1. Artwork registration:  we will use the LSAG database to register your artwork.  Please go to:
  2. Artwork image submission:  all images of artwork must be sent to   Each individual entry should be sent in a separate email.  Please include your name, Fall 2021, title of your artwork, division and category in the subject line.  Please see “How to Photograph your Artwork” on our website before attaching/sending your image.
  3. Artwork Payment:  All entry payments will be made through Paypal.  To pay, please go to .  Please see our website for details.

The deadline for I., II, and III. above is:  midnight Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Public Viewing/Show Placement/Judge Critique:  show results will be posted during our virtual zoom meeting on Tuesday, November 16, 2021 at 7:00 pm.  Our judge will do a virtual walk through and critique at this time.

ENTRY FEES (PER ENTRY): (No refunds for entries entered but not received)

LHAA members:  $8.00

LSAG members:  $10.00

School students:  $2.00

Please go to for details and divisions/categories, etc.