Christmas Luncheon

Artists – 

Although we have decided not to have our usual Scholarship Dinner this year, LHAA is still going to celebrate the holiday season together with a luncheon at:

Union Kitchen
23918 US 59
Kingwood, TX  77339

We will meet at the restaurant for lunch on Monday, December 11 at 11:30 a.m.

All our members are welcome!  Order from the menu; there is no fixed price.

We hope to see you there!



Tuesday Reminder

Here are more detailed instructions for bringing in your art today:

Today at 2:00 p.m. is our appointment time to bring in our art to the rehab unit at Kingwood Medical Center.

When coming into the hospital, the unit is Building A, which is the northernmost end of the hospital.  If coming from 59 going north, take the Kingwood exit and turn left and go under the overpass.  Go to the first stop sign, turn left and do a “U” turn and you will see the emergency room entrance.  Take that entrance and wiggle around until you see the end of building A, which is the end building.  You will see a wooden type fencing next to the building.  The door to the left of the fencing is the door that will be left open for us to enter and take in our paintings.  When you enter, you will see a room to your right with windows and that will be the room where we will lay or place our paintings.  It’s a meeting room of sorts with tables and chairs.  Easy to see and find.  The hospital personnel will hang our paintings for us.

We may park temporarily in the “illegal” parking area, which is in front of the door that will be open, long enough to drop off our art.

On the front of your paintings we will have tags to place, as well as inventory sheets, so bring a pen to write with and scissors with which to cut the tags.  If you choose to price your art, the price must be placed on the back of your art along with your name or business card.  The hospital would like for us to have the name of the painting, your name and phone number on the front of the painting if you choose to, or on the back if you prefer.  In the event that a painting is sold, the buyer will call you personally, then Ruth Dewey will call Eric to set up a time to come and make the purchase and get the art, and hopefully replace it with another piece.

Bring in as much art as you want.  You can bring more later by getting in touch with Ruth Dewey.  Please remember to contact us (LHAA Board, by email) if you want to pick up your art to take it or replace it with another painting later.  Ruth will set up an appointment for you.

We have Devon Alexander and Eric Anderson to give many thanks to for this opportunity to display our art and just get the word out that we are back in action and ready to go.  Make Art Great Again!

Art Display Opportunity

For All Paid Members

We have an exciting opportunity to display our art works!  The Rehabilitation Center at Kingwood Medical Center would like to hang our art for their patients, guests, and families.

On Tuesday, November 28, at 2:00 p.m., bring in some pieces of art that you would like to display for the public to Kingwood Medical Center, Building A, Rehab. Center.  Pieces should be fully ready to hang, with picture wire already installed.  The maintenance people will hang the art, and they will NOT be equipped to attach wires to your artwork.

Be sure your name, contact information, and price are attached to the back of each piece.

The Medical Center requests that no piece of art be smaller than 16 by 20 inches (framed – or in ready-to-hang condition).

Contact Ruth Dewey about bringing in your pictures:


Reminder for October General Meeting


Please bring a piece of your artwork that you would like to display to our October meeting, Tuesday, November 21, at 6:30 p.m.!  We want to show our invited guests what we can offer for their display areas.  You won’t be required to leave them; we would just like to share what we have to offer!

Looking forward to seeing you soon!


November General Meeting

Membership Dues Needed by December 15!!

If you have not yet paid your dues for this season, please bring your money or check to November’s general meeting!  We urgently need to submit an up-to-date membership list to Lone Star Art Guild very soon.  If LSAG does not receive a list from us, our group may cease to exist in their eyes, and we will not be able to submit art to (or attend) the annual LSAG Convention.  The deadline is December 15.  Do not wait for the December meeting; there is no December meeting.

Dues are $40 for adults, $10 for students.  If you click on “Membership Information” at the top of our web page and scroll down to the bottom, you should be able to download and print a membership form to fill out.  If you need to mail in your dues, send your check to “Lake Houston Area Artists” to:

Lake Houston Area Artists
P.O. Box 6681
Kingwood, TX 77325

Exciting News

We may be able to exhibit our art at Kingwood Medical Center in the Rehab Unit and/or at Webb Gallery!  Our board is in contact with both locations, and representatives from these place have been invited to attend our November meeting.  All members who have artwork they would like to display (and offer for sale) are invited to bring samples to the meeting.

Go Fund Me Campaign

We still need contributions to our Go Fund Me campaign!  We have some donations already, but are still far short of our goal.  Here is the link to click on to donate:

Click here

October Meeting Demo – Doug Hiser

All members who attended the October meeting enjoyed a very entertaining and informative presentation by Doug Hiser, who gave us much insight into his creative process and his tremendous experience collecting wildlife images from all over the world!  Thank you, Doug!

November General Meeting – Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Our general meeting will be at:

Homewood Suites
23320 Hwy 59N
Kingwood, TX  77339
6:30pm Meet & Greet
7:00pm Meeting & Demo

November Demo Artist – Ron Gordon

Born in Memphis Tennessee, raised in rural Mississippi, Ronald Mark Gordon is keenly aware of his southern heritage. The organic and cultural influences of “sense of place” are evident upon meeting him or viewing his paintings. The artist believes that; “All art, from primitive drawing to the most esoteric contemporary form, exists to tell stories. Viewed on a cave or gallery wall, educating or entertaining, inspiring or provocative, the language chosen effects the telling.” “I am a story teller. The people who encourage, promote, view the work, critique, and give their patronage are participants with me. Speaking to their eyes is my privilege.” Gordon holds a BFA from the University of Southern Mississippi and completed graduate hours toward a MED in Art Education. Gordon taught Public School Art in Saginaw Michigan for three years and has worked in a variety of educational programs from pre-school to adult education as an art, photography and crafts instructor. Ron Gordon moved to Houston Texas in 1979 to accept a position as a Graphic Artist and to raise his family. Over the next several years he would work as a Free Lance Graphic Artist and Illustrator for Oil and Petro-Engineering firms. In 1986, Gordon, answered another calling and entered the ministry. He served as Head Master of a Christian Academy and as an Associate to the Senior Pastor. When Ron resigned from the Academy after ten years, he was uncertain of his future, but, certain of his faith and that he would paint again. Art projects began to ”come his way” almost immediately after leaving the Academy. In the spring of 1998 he was awarded a large contract with the Houston Zoo to do the murals for the remodeled Bird House. Upon the successful completion of this huge task, Gordon returned to painting as a muralist and studio artist. The following year he would paint the Koala Exhibit murals. Ron has a studio in the warehouse district in Houston and works with designers, corporate, and private clients on commissions.

October 2017 General Meeting

General Meeting – Tuesday, October 17

Homewood Suites
23320 Hwy 59N
Kingwood, TX  77339
6:30pm Meet & Greet
7:00pm Meeting & Demo

Yearly Dues are Due

Anyone who has not yet paid dues for this season, please bring them to this meeting!  We need an accurate count of how many active members we have this year – very soon!  Yearly fee is $40 for adults and $10 for students.  We would love to see some more young faces at our meetings and at our shows.

New Art Panels Needed

Members, we are asking for whatever help you can offer.  We have lost all our art panels, which we need for displaying art work at our art shows.  We had approximately 50 panels, and they have all been damaged by the flood waters.  Each show used from 30-40 panels, and they cost at least $100 each to replace.  We have started a Go Fund Me campaign to raise the money we need.  Spread the word!

Click here to donate

October Demo Artist – Doug Hiser


Doug Hiser readily admits his life resembles a cartoon: funny, and exciting with many “Coyote falls off the cliff and lands in a puff of dust at the bottom” vignettes. A fitting description for this character of a man, Hiser fashions himself a modern day Tarzan. Living in a suburban jungle on the banks of a bayou in Dickinson, Texas, Hiser is a master at traversing the wilds and wrapping it all up in a renaissance of creativity meant to inspire a closer look at the world around us.

Entering his first art show in 1980 (which won a Best of Show), Hiser took a different course as life intervened and artistic pursuits were put on hold as he worked at the Texas City Post Office (1978 to 2004), got married and had children.

To satisfy his artistic passions, Hiser enrolled in the Humanities program at University of Houston Clear Lake and graduated in 1996 as Student of the Year with a degree in Applied Design and Visual Art. At the time of his enrollment, he was a master at pencil and ink and was thrilled at the introduction to color, collage, sculpture, and exploration. With a repertoire of pieces that ranged from his own style of “Elaborism” (the illumination of wildlife art), Hiser dabbled in surrealism and hyper-abstraction, learning a variety of different mediums before developing skills in watercolor.

Besides creating visual art, Doug has also written some award winning books.

“I love wildlife and have traveled the globe in search of wild art. My books will touch your heart while my art will show you the amazing colors of animal life on our planet.”

Sensitive and imaginative, Hiser creates paintings to convey an awareness of the world around us, captures the magic that we should never lose in nature and writes stories that bring it to life. His unique paintings and exotic words are thrilling and the emotions he instills hang around long after the ink has faded.

Fall Art Show Update

To All Our Members:

At our September General Meeting we asked for a vote on whether we should try to put on our Fall Art Show and Competition in view of the setbacks we have experienced in the past month.  The response was overwhelmingly in favor of passing on the Fall event and having only a Spring show.  Our president, Debra Jones, then spoke to the representatives of the Kingwood Community Center and asked to cancel our fall show date.  We do have a tentative date for a Spring show.

Ours is not the only organization facing obstacles in organizing their Fall Art Shows after Harvey.  LSAG has been very understanding and sympathetic of everyone’s situation.

Keep on creating!  We will look forward to seeing your beautiful work in the spring.  We will keep you updated on the details of the Spring Show.

Thank you all for your understanding and patience and help.