Please Volunteer!

It’s that time of year again when we are looking for volunteers to fill board positions. Please consider volunteering your time to help steward our wonderful group!

The board meets once a month on the second Monday, September – June. Duties vary based on the job you are filling.

Below is the current slate of volunteers and positions that are open.

President: Debra Jones
First V.P. (Demos & Workshops):

1) Carol Showalter
2) Linda Dumas

Second V.P. (Shows & Competitions):

1) _______________________________________________
2) _______________________________________________
3) (Database) Amy Conroy

The Show Chair has 3 positions and work together to cover these responsibilities are:

  • Find/secure a location for our Fall and Spring shows
  • Select judges
  • Keeping inventory of needed supplies
  • Order ribbons
  • Encourage group members to volunteers to work the shows
  • Prepare advertising materials
  • Set-up and Take down (with other volunteers’ help)
  • Walk with judge and hang ribbons, take judge to lunch
  • Keep database up to date


Sheila Bridges


Linda Achard



Community Artwork Display:

Ruth Dewey

Facility: _________________________________________________

  • Duties of the facility chair are to locate and arrange a location for the coming year’s General Meetings.

LSAG Delegate:

1) (President) Debra Jones
2) Steve Frayne
3) _______________________________________________

  • LSAG Delegates are LHAA representatives to LSAG. They attend 2 LSAG meetings a year, relay info from LSAG to the club, and vote on behalf of the club when appropriate.


Linney Hamilaton

Member At Large:

1) Becky Hall
2) Sally Kullman
3) _______________________________________________

  • Members at large are essentially the voice of the membership to the board.

Publicity: _________________________________________________

  • Publicity takes care of contacting outlets like newspapers and social media to promot our club and events.


1) (Organizer) Sheila Bridges (looking for replacement)
2) Steve Frayne
3) Krissy Richardson
4) Linney Hamilton


Peggy Steup
Kristin Dumas


Kristin Dumas