Christmas Luncheon

Message To All Members

Our December meeting will be a Christmas luncheon at Union Kitchen, as it was last year.  All LHAA members are welcome.   The date will be:

Monday, December 10, 2018
11:00 a.m.
Union Kitchen Restaurant
23918 US-59,
Kingwood, TX  77339

We would love to see you there!  If you cannot come, we will look forward to seeing you at our next general meeting on Tuesday, January 15, 2019.

May each of you enjoy a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

November General Meeting

Our General Meeting for November will be on Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Homewood Suites
23320 Hwy 59N
Kingwood, TX

6:30pm Meet & Greet
7:00pm Meeting & Demo

Art Topic:  Why Didn’t My Painting Win a Ribbon?

Hello all you talented artists.  Aren’t we lucky to be able to make something never made before?  We will be talking about judging art at our next meeting, November 20.  Please bring some artBring something that you think works and something you have wrestled with unsuccessfully.  We will talk about good things and fixing things and giving up things.  I have a few that the judges weren’t crazy about, but I love them anyway.  There IS that.  This won’t work unless everyone participates.
        Be thinking…

Linda Dumas

Remember:  Everybody bring one piece of art that you think is good and one that isn’t working!


An Extra Opportunity This Saturday

All LHAA Artists:

We are very excited for our show this Saturday, October 27th.  With early voting also at the Kingwood Community Center, there is a good chance that we may have lots of pass-through traffic.

Since our show is not overly large, we will have extra panels available.  Given this, we would like to extend to all of our artists an opportunity to show their work separate from the show. 

We plan to arrange a separate area for a members gallery.  Each artist may bring a number of paintings to be displayed on a first come first serve basis.  (There will be no minimum or maximum number of works.)  We cannot sell the paintings directly from the Community Center, but we can supply contact information for anyone interested in buying.  Each artist should put together a half sheet (8 1/2 by 11) with their name and contact information.  If you wish, you can include a brief artist bio as well.

Make sure your work is ready to hang, with picture wire included.  Free LHAA stickers will be given to each displaying artist.

Don’t miss this chance for a bonus art exhibition, at a time and place likely to get lots of viewers!


Fall Art Show Entry Deadline

Remember, Artists!

Midnight tonight is the entry deadline for entries into our Fall Art Show!  We need your participation!

Please contact us if you are having trouble signing up.

All Artists MUST pre-register through the LSAG database, no walk-ins accepted.

LSAG database

Fall Art Show Reminder

Our Fall 2018 Show is Fast Approaching!

Just to remind you all, in order to participate in the show you MUST be a current LHAA member.  Per LSAG rules, we will need to update our database to reflect current members only.

If you have not renewed your membership yet for the 2018 – 2019 calendar year, please do so no later than this Friday, October 19th and be sure that the treasurer has your renewal by then.  The database will be updated on Saturday, October 20th.
If you would like to enter the show, please get your entries in ASAP!  The final deadline for show entries is midnight, Wednesday, October 24th.
Hope to see you there!

Poster for the Fall Art Show

Here is the poster for our upcoming Fall Art Show and Competition!  Please print out copies and share them with everyone!  Feel free to post it on your Facebook page and to contact local businesses who might let you place the poster in their window!  You are our advertisers!


October General Meeting

Our October General Meeting Will Be

Tuesday, October 16, 2018
Homewood Suites
23320 Hwy 59N
Kingwood, TX

6:30pm Meet & Greet
7:00pm Meeting & Demo

Artist Demo for October, Robbie Fitzpatrick – Watercolor

For most of my life, I thought myself a writer.  As a child, I’d wished I could draw, but I knew I could write…so I wrote.  A sixth-grade teacher stayed after school to help some of us learn to draw horses; the junior high school Creative Writing Club asked me to do the illustrations for our anthology.  A visit by a hurricane, that kept me ensconced in my townhouse working through the exercises of a book entitled Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain, started the wheels really turning.

Much later, after achieving a B.A. in English and Speech Education, an M.A. in English Literature from the University of Houston, and finally a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology from Texas A&M, I moved into the art world through the venue of pottery.  Something about wet mud was mesmerizing, but more so was the enjoyment of painting on green ware, and waiting for the pictures to emerge from the kiln.

With a “small” nudge from my husband, I re-considered the direction of my art.  Hmm….there ensued a torrent of pencil drawings.  Still, wanting more  and loving color, I reached  for watercolor pigment, and the simplicity of black and white was transformed into the transparent colors of watercolor.

Eventually, I entered some drawings and a couple of watercolors in an area art show.  I won a first and third.  After a year or so of studying books, I took my first formal lesson at the Houston Art League.  There, I confirmed that I most enjoy the detail, and life, of Realism.

I heard of teachers who taught realism, and I saw their work.  I showed up for class, and I have been learning and growing ever since, studying hard with the 2 Collaborating Artists, Keiko Yasuoka and Duncan Simmons.  The journey took off!!

September Demo Artist Laura Spector

A great big Thank You to our demo artist for September, Laura Spector!  Laura is a very knowledgeable and entertaining teacher who gave us all a new understanding of color, value and hue, and we thoroughly enjoyed the evening.