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December News

The Prez Sez

Tinsel, bows and wrapping paper, busy malls and the fragrance of pine and cinnamon, the Nutcracker and that jolly man in a red velvet suit. Must be Christmas!! Tis the season for family, food and fun – I hope you all get just what you asked for from St. Nick. Mostly I hope you will have a wonderful time with family and friends at this special time of year. I would like to take this opportunity to once again congratulate the ribbon winners from our Fall Show. I continue to be impressed and inspired by the wonderful art that is created by the members of our group! I know you are all now in the midst of creating some new, exciting paintings to enter in the Spring Show. There will be no regular meeting this month as we will be having the Scholarship Dinner instead. I hope you will all be able to attend. It is very rewarding for our group to be able to aid a future artist even in a small way. So until next year, enjoy your families, unwrap lots of goodies and paint every chance you get. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

Holiday Dinner

For those who RSVP’ed, just a reminder that we will be dining at Cafe du Bois, and dinner starts 7pm! We will be presenting the LHAA Student Scholarship to the winner from Lone Star College at this time.

Creative Challenge – January

Our next Creative Challenge will take place in January (no CC for December). The topic is “Reflections”.

Demo for January General Meeting

GOLDA RADER CDA/CZT – “Collage/Zentangles”
Golda is a Certified Decorative Artist and a Certified Zentangle teacher.  She has taught design and published for over 20 years.  She is a member of DPPT in Humble, TX and a teacher at the Conroe Art League. Golda currently has a new book with Laurie Speltz called “Tangled Together’. For more information on Zentangle classes and video classed, please see the Raderizms on Facebook, Pinterest and Blogspot.

Golda Rader

Golda Rader

Art Tip of the Month

Value does all the work, but Color gets all the credit. This is an artistic truth we all know, but sometimes forget about in the frenzy of creation. In order to be more aware of the value of Value I suggest the following tip: Before adding the finishing touches to your artwork, take a picture with your digital camera using the black and white setting, or change it to black and white on your computer. You’ll be able to quickly judge if your values are correct.

You can also make a simple value viewer by cutting a small piece of white card stock or other heavy paper into about a 2″x2″  square, then punch a hole in the center. Make 2 and use one on your reference photo and one on your painting to check not only value, but also for correct color.

November Meeting recap

Thank you Deborah Hill for introducing us to your unique style and to a wide range of new projects. Perhaps those in our groups who tries out these techniques will be willing to show off their creations!

Deborah Hill

Deborah Hill

October Creative Challenge Winner

Congratulations Vanita Doyle for winning October’s Creative Challenge!

The challenge topic was: Autumn Impressions

Autumn Impressions, Vanita Doyle

October 2014 Winner, Topic: Autumn Impressions, Artist: Vanita Doyle

The Creative Challenge topic for November is:

Pumpkin Patched
What will you create?

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May Creative Challenge Winner

Congratulations Linda Achard for winning May’s Creative Challenge!

The challenge topic was: Flower Power

May 2014 Winner, Topic: Flower Power, Artist: Linda Dumas

Flower Power, by Linda Achard

Our next Creative Challenge will take place in September 2014 when we resume our General Meetings after summer break. The topic for that meeting is:

“A Page from your Sketchbook” or “What did you do during summer vacation?”

We have 3 months to create something for this challenge, so let’s see who wins!

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April Creative Challenge Winner

Congratulations Linda Dumas for winning April’s Creative Challenge!

The challenge topic was: Wish You Were Here

My Ancestors, by Linda Dumas

My Ancestors, by Linda Dumas

May’s Creative Challenge topic is:


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March Creative Challenge Winner

Congratulations Vanita Doyle for winning March’s Creative Challenge!

The challenge topic was: Growth

Spring is Here, by Vanita Doyle

April’s Creative Challenge topic is:

Wish You Were Here
any media on a 4×5 or 5×7 postcard

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