Results – LHAA Fall 2021 Virtual Art Show and Competition

November 16, 2021
Judge: Shirley Leago

Check out the winners of our most recent show below! Click on the link for each category to see all the entries.

Be sure to read the comments attached to each piece. Our judge has taken the time to include comments for each work of art – not just the winners! Her comments are very inciteful and helpful in continuing to improve our work.

Best of Show

by Leonard Cowden

Division I. Professional A. Oil/Acrylic
1st Place: Company Coming by Peggy Steup
2nd Place: Joy by Sheila Stoll
3rd Place: Misty Morning by Peggy Steup

Division I. Professional B. Watercolor/Acrylic
1st Place: I Have My Eyes On You by Sally Kullman
2nd Place: Greetings From Hawaii by Sally Kullman
3rd Place: Has Anybody Seen My Gal by Sally Kullman

Division I. Professional E. Mixed Media
1st Place: Gentle Healer by Linda Dumas
2nd Place: Save Us by Linda Dumas

Division I. Professional F. Photography
1st Place: Autumn in Missoula by Sheila Stoll

Division I. G. Digital Art
1st Place: Strange Calligraphy by Linda Dumas
2nd Place: Gold Tiny Ferns by Linda Dumas
3rd Place: Trying to Find a Fix by Linda Dumas
1st Honorable Mention: A Leaf in Rain by Linda Dumas
2nd Honorable Mention: Galveston Pier at Morning by Jeran Walker
3rd Honorable Mention: August 8 by Linda Dumas

Division I. Professional H. Abstract/Experimental/Non-Objective Art
1st Place: Talking Trash, Red by Linda Dumas
2nd Place: Autumn Road Trip by Linda Dumas
3rd Place: Rhapsody in Blue by Linda Achard

Division I. Professional J. Studio Fine Craft
1st Place: Tale of a Whale by Sheila Stoll
2nd Place: To the Sea by Linda Dumas

Division II. Semi-Professional A. Oil/Acrylic
1st Place: Bird of Paradise by Amy Conroy
2nd Place: Nostalgic Moment by Carol Scheferman
3rd Place: Ending on a Perfect Note by Carol Scheferman
1st Honorable Mention: Le Acorn Terrible by Leonard Cowden

Division II. Semi-Professional B. Watercolor/Acrylic
1st Place: Forest Mist by Susan Foster
2nd Place: Sweet Dreams by Lynda Feierabend
3rd Place: Rosco by Lynda Feierabend
1st Honorable Mention: Billowing Clouds at Sunset by Susan Foster

Division II. Semi-Professional G. Digital Art
1st Place: Portrait Study by Susan Foster
2nd Place: Rocky Waterfalls by Susan Foster

Division III. Non-Professional 1. Oil/Acrylic
1st Place: Madrid, New Mexico by Jaime Retamales
2nd Place: Birch Grove by Jude Kirkeeide
3rd Place: Lupe’s Flowers by Jaime Retamales

Divison III. Non-Professional B. Watercolor/Acrylic
1st Place: Lost in the Wilderness by Olivia Conroy
2nd Place: California Dream by Olivia Conroy
3rd Place: Waves at Dusk by Olivia Conroy

Divison IV. Adult Student H. Abstract/Experimental/Non-Objective Art
1st Place: True Colors by Katy Rokit

Division V. Middle School Student A. Oil/Acrylic
1st Place: Vanessa by Victoria Geis