Article in the Tribune



An article about Lake Houston Area Artists has been published in the most recent issue of The Tribune!  Below are the instructions to access the piece:
Go to  In the upper right hand corner you will see a google search.  Type in Lake Houston Area Artist and it will take you to another link.  About half way down the page you will find the article headline, click on it and page 4C will come up.  There is a picture of Dr. Nunnery and her staff.  The article is just great.  We would love to hear from you about it.  Thanks.
Many thanks to all the artists who contributed to this display!  Dr. Nunnery and her staff are delighted with the decor, and displays like this are a great way to get your artwork seen by members of the public.  We expect to be updating the art from time to time, switching out some pieces and hanging new ones.  So watch this space for your next opportunity to show off your great art!