A Letter to Our Members

Dear Members,

The Lake Houston Area Artists is so appreciative of your volunteering and your interest in our society.  Without you we would not have a club to learn, to educate and to support our community with art scholarships for the Lone Star Art College students.  We have worked and continue to work to get talented artists to demonstrate their art for you each month.  Because we want to have the best club in the Lone Star Art Guild we want to hear from you so that we can keep moving forward in a positive and productive way.

We want to hear from you and listen to what you most want in an art society (To sell your art? To learn from other artists? To connect socially and professionally with other artists?).  Any ideas you might have to attract students and more members into our club are always welcome.  Since the flood we have lost many of our members and we are in the process of rebuilding.  We need volunteers, as greeters and as helpers on our different committees, to make all of this possible.  Let us hear from you before our May 15 meeting.  We are gearing up to have an even more exciting club, starting in September, and we need your help.  Please send your responses to the email address below.

Thanks so much,

Lynda Feierabend, LHAA Community Art Relations