Updates and Coming Attractions

Welcome back, artists!  We hope you have all had a fun and creative summer.  Here are a few pieces of information we’d like to share with you, looking back on our summer and looking forward to our 2016-2017 season.

LSAG Convention Winners

Our guild made a great showing at July’s LSAG convention!  Several of our artists came away with awards.  Here is a list of our winners:

Best Floral of Show:  Lynda Jung,  “Thistle”

High School Student Drawing 1st Place:  Amanda Blettner, “Amanda’s Two Cats”
High School Student Drawing 2nd Place:  Amanda Blettner, “Amanda”

Adult Student Mixed Media 3rd Place:  Peggy Bear, “Family”

Non-Pro Painting/Oil/Acrylic 1st Place: David Kent, “Jungle Floor”
Non-Pro Painting, WC/Acrylic 1st Place:  Lynda Jung, “The Eye of the Spider”
Non-Pro Painting, WC/Acrylic 2nd Place: Lynda Jung, “White and Purple Iris”

Semi-Pro Photography:  Sherry Wilson, “Pure of Heart”
Semi-Pro Painting/Oil/Acrylic 2nd Place:  Leonard Cowden, “Newkirk Crash Site”
Semi-Pro Painting/Oil/Acrylic Honorable Mention:  Leonard Cowden, “Morning Sun”
Semi-Pro painting/Oil/Acrylic Honorable Mention: Leonard Cowden, “1/2/82”
Semi-Pro Painting WC/Acrylic 2nd Place:  Gridtiya Chotiwan (Tee), “Angels of Fire”
Semi-Pro Painting/ Mixed Media 1st Place:  Gridtiya Chotiwan, “Rhino”
Semi-Pro Drawing Honorable Mention:  Kristin Dumas, “Geometric Expression II”
Semi-Pro Sculpture 1st Place:  Sherry Wilson, “Between”
Semi-Pro Sculpture 2nd Place:  Sherry Wilson, “Tree Home”
Semi-Pro Sculpture 3rd Place:  Sherry Wilson, “Bayou”
Semi-Pro Sculpture 1st Honorable Mention:  Sherry Wilson, “Vortex”

Pro Studio Fine Crafts 2nd Place:  Linda C. Dumas, “Ocean Floor”
Pro Studio Fine Crafts 1st Honorable Mention:  Linda C. Dumas, “I Came First”
Pro Digital Art 2nd Place:  Linda C. Dumas, “Tributaries”
Pro Experimental Art 1st Place:  Linda C. Dumas, “The Lion Sleeps Tonight”

Congratulations to Lynda, Amanda, Peggy, David, Sherry, Leonard, Tee, Kristin, and Linda!  We are proud of you all!

General Meeting

Our next general meeting will be on Tuesday, September 20, 2016 at:
Homewood Suites,  23320 Hwy 59N,  Kingwood, TX   77339
6:30pm Meet & Greet
7:00pm Meeting & Demo

September Demo Artist – Diane Brahm, Oil Still Life

Proudly embracing the beauty of classic realism in her painting and drawing, Diane is unafraid to challenge the purity of traditional art as she develops her contemporary approach to modern portraiture.

Academically trained in art at the University of Texas/Austin, her works show a solid sense of artistic capability. Classically mentored, her art has developed to reveal a fresh look at life. Brahm is adept handling oils, pastels, charcoal, and mixed media watercolor. Her art has won numerous awards in both regional and national shows, been published in national art magazines, and  is represented by several galleries.

She enjoys sharing her gifts by teaching art, currently at a suburban school in the Houston area. Diane also holds workshops for adults, teens, and school aged children. Her summers are filled with travel, always gathering visual information for future paintings, designs, and education.

Diane enjoys working with the local art community; pleased to judge and jury art shows, present insightful demonstrations, and teach mini-classes.  She has previously served on the boards of Houston Civic Arts Association, Houston Art Society, and West Houston Area Artists.

Get Ready!

The regular changeout of art at the Kingwood Public Library will be coming up soon.  Start thinking about what pieces you would like to have on display!


The Board has updated the yearbook for this coming year, and will be available at the September General Meeting. Our yearbook contains useful basic information about LHAA and LSAG, plus rules for our art shows, job descriptions for our board member positions, by-laws, and more.  Please note that you will receive one yearbook, with occurring updates ongoing included with your membership. If you need a new yearbook for whatever reason (you spilled paint on it or you used it in a collage), replacements will be available for small fee.  Due to the mailing cost of these yearbooks, we will not be sending them through the mail. Please attend a General Meeting to receive your new yearbook.

Art Show & Competition

We have tentative dates for our Fall and Spring Shows. Please make a note!
October 29, 2016
April 22, 2016

We will provide more details they become available.

We are looking forward to a great season. We hope you can join us!