March Demo Change

The topic for our Demonstration at this week’s March General Meeting has changed.

We will welcome our new Demo Artists, Kathleen Earthrowl, who will show us her techniques for ‘Sensory Art’


Sensory Art is a process that evolves from within and drives the creation of a work of art. It requires listening to one’s self and one’s senses, as in poetry (or other media) where words bubble up from within creating a poem. Sensory images within trigger the artist to paint from their inner sensory being.

The Sensory Process applies to all art forms, music, dance, drama, writing, and more. It is an internal experience, an intuitive path with often an external reference.

A painting can start one way and end very differently. I say that paintings have a mind of their own!.  The sensory process is letting it happen, allowing your senses to lead you on a trip, taking a risk. The artist must let go of trying to control and get out of the way.

I say that my paintings lead and I follow, meaning that I allow my heart, gut, my senses to lead.  It’s an improvisation, exciting, stimulating and energizing. It’s like choreographing a dance or playing Jazz.

Nature is a rich inspiration for me. The rough and tough, serene and sublime of nature is moving, calming, spectacular, and triggers the sensory experience.

You can see more of her beautiful works at her website.

Kathy Earthrowl