LHAA May News

The Prez Sez

Hard to believe that this month is the last meeting for our organization year! My how time flies. We have had a productive and exciting year of art creation, competitions, and fabulous demos at our regular meetings! I would like to again thank Linda and Kristin Dumas for the April demo – it was exciting, motivating and just plain fun! The Spring Show was a great success with sales that increased our donation amount for the next year’s scholarship fund which means we can offer an amount that can truly make a difference in the art education of the recipient. Congratulations to all the ribbon winners and good luck at the LSAG show in June. In conclusion, I would like to thank the members and especially my Board members for your support in my year as President. I couldn’t have done it without all of you. I hope to see you all at this month’s meeting. If not, enjoy the Summer season, be safe and Paint, Paint, Paint!!!

May’s Demo – Marty Caldwell Wax Batik

Marty Caldwell is a Decorative and Fine Art Painter and Instructor with a passion for painting. Her painting career began many years ago with a winning piece of art in the third grade. This passion for painting has led her to many areas of the decorative art and painting world. Now she enjoys in sharing through teaching, designing, and being with fellow artists and students!

She is an active member of the Society of Decorative Painters with membership in two Houston, Texas area chapters, Decorative Painting Pals of Texas – Humble, TX and Decorative Artists of Texas – Pasadena, TX . She served as President of the Decorative Painting Pals of Texas in 2007. And She is also a member and past president of the Liberty Art League in Liberty, TX.

Marty Caldwell, Wax Batik Marty Caldwell, Wax Batik

Creative Challenge for May

Flower Power – Georgia O’Keefe Style

Art Tip of the Month  

Acrylic Paint Removal – In my many years of teaching acrylics, I always get a dot or two on clothing or the rug. To remove the acrylic, I have found that denatured alcohol with a Q-tip will remove dried paint. Then wash gently with regular soap. You can get this product in the paint department at Walmart or a local paint store.

April’s Demo Recap

Vanita introduced Linda and Kristin Dumas to do the demo on HOW TO GET STARTED, WHEN YOU JUST CANT!  Besides the talk and the “doing”, Linda had a nice many paged hand-out for all of us.  It was very enlightening, with a lot of questions and inter-play with the members.  Thank you Linda and Kristin.