February General Meeting

The Prez Sez…

I am very excited this month about the continuing interest in our society by new artists in the area. We have had several new members join this year!! We welcome them and are excited to see how their creative ideas will influence our group. The Board needs several positions filled for next year as there are committee members who will not be returning next year. Please consider volunteering your time and talents to help our group continue to be viable and successful. The only way our group can move forward is if the members are willing to step up and take an interest in making that happen!! Vanita will not be returning and Carol Showalter will need a new partner for the Demo position. We also need people to be on the Artwork Hanging Committee as Carita and Randi are also giving up those positions. We need someone to take the Facilities position and a few others. Please email me or one of the other Board members if you are interested in shadowing them to get familiar with the position before actually taking over. This is the best time to do that as they will be able to train you ‘on the job’ so to speak. Being on the Board is a fun and rewarding way of serving our wonderful society – don’t be afraid to try.

Our February meeting will be held:

February 17, 2015
General Meeting
Homewood Suites
6:30pm Meet & Greet
7:00pm Meeting & Demo

February’s Demo – Daniel Elliot from Jerry’s Artarama

Daniel studied Painting and Illustration at the University Of Connecticut School Of Fine Arts from 1990 to 1996. After college, Daniel having such an outgoing personality entered into corporate America, for the most part spent his time climbing the management ladder. But, at the end of the day Daniel was an artist at heart and he came back to his true calling. He is truly an artist and his work has evolved into his own unique style.

He uses texture and color in amazing ways to make his concepts literally come to life as they jump off the canvas. His paintings have been displayed in numerous galleries for solo and group exhibitions. He has many collectors both nationally and internationally, including corporate installations and commissioned work. Daniel currently teaches acrylic fundamentals and mixed media painting in group and private lessons, workshops and at Jerry’s Artarama in Houston, TX

daniel-elliot-02 daniel-elliot-01

Creative Challenge

The topic for February’s CC is Frozen.

Art Tip of the Month

For photographing artwork use a white sheet pinned to a wall outside. Hang the painting or put it on an easel in front of the wall. Mount the camera on a tripod. Then pull the sheet over you, the painting and the camera, using the sheet as a giant lightbox for even bright lighting. Convenient and inexpensive.

Spring Show & Competition

Our Spring Show & Competition will be held on April 18th at Kingwood Christian Church. Stay tuned for further details.

January Recap

Many thanks to our member Greg C. for generously offering a wonderful selection of his pressed leaves & flowers at the January meeting. Members were free to take what they wanted from his stash.

Golda Rader gave us a wonderful demonstration of Zentangles at our January Demo. Members were given tiles and a pen so they could participate with Golda during the demo.

2015-01-demo-02 2015-01-misc-03 2015-01-demo-01 2015-01-misc-02 2015-01-misc-01