November General Meeting

The Prez Sez

Show Time!! The Show must go on. There’s No Business Like Show Business!! Obviously, I’m excited about this month’s upcoming art show, on November 15th! I hope everyone will be able to easily enter your pieces on the computer. If you know a member who’s having difficulty please try to help them as well. All the information for the show is on the website and can easily to downloaded and printed out for entry. I hope everyone is keeping up with the group through the website. Kristin and Kelly have done an outstanding job of putting it together and now the Newsletter has also been incorporated into the website. So if you have a question about the next meeting date, need show info, want to see pictures of the winners of the Monthly Challenge or any other questions about our group, please check the website. If you will click on the Follow button, you’ll receive an email letting you know that new things have been added. The website is now a great tool to help all the members keep up to date with what’s happening. Be sure you check it out –

Art Show & Competition, November 15th

Visit the Shows & Comeptitions page which contains information you’ll need to enter the show.

Demo for November, Deborah Hill using Mixed Media

Deborah Hill is a professional artist using water soluble art materials, collage and found objects interchangeably in her work. She paints imaginative images that are distinct and inventive yet immediately recognizable. Her assemblage/bricolage sculpture reflects the same esthetic and attention to subtle detail.

Visit her website to learn more about her and to see more of her artwork.

Creative Challenge

Don’t forget to create something for the creative challenge this month. The topic is “Pumpkin Patched”.

October Meeting recap

Thank you everyone for coming to the October Meeting. Bob Shepherd gave a great demo, and we had lots of Show and Tell and Creative Challenge entries! Lots of fun! Here are some photos from the meeting: